Tuesday 9 August 2011


With a forword by Peter Brook
And with the contribution of former students from all over the world

The story of the lady who studied and worked with masters of the 20th century:
Mary Wigman, Etienne Decroux, Jacques Lecoq, Peter Brook, Moshe Feldenkrais

An amazing, inspiring and useful approach to art by renowned theatre teacher,
whose work is still inspiring the new generation of theatre makers

Everything you want to know about the various ingredients of Pagneux’s work:
√Član – point fixe – le temps juste – le spiral & spine – tubes – diversity & unity –
theme & variation – the incredible lightness of the body – clay as way of writing –
to name but a few

Games, exercises, lots of pictures, text… like a good cook book -  a source of creativity
for anybody who is curious to know more about physical theatre

Monday 25 July 2011


Welcome to the blog about the book 'Moving Life' concerning Monika Pagneux and her work. Author of the book is Loes Hegger.
On this blog you will find information about the creative process of the book.

Monika Pagneux is a renowned theatre teacher whose work is inspiring a new generation of theatre makers. Loes Hegger: I am a director, theatre teacher and one of those theatre makers who are touched by Pagneux’ work. It is an amazing, inspiring and useful way of approaching art. I want to share this source of creativity with the readers.

I am inspired by cookery books. In theatre, like in cooking, you learn by experiencing, trying, tasting and trusting your own body. The book will speak about ingredients, recipes, and the pleasure of tasting new things.

Throughout her work, in each exercise, Monika uses universal rules of moving and playing. Like when you are cooking, you will need specific ingredients for this or that recipe. You also need basic equipment for cooking: good oil, vinaigrette, salt, herbs, knifes, pans, ladles etc. These universal rules are needed and used in each recipe.